TOOLBANK serves community-based organizations by providing tools, equipment & expertise to empower their most ambitious goals.

Our Beginnings

The ToolBank concept was created in Atlanta in 1991 with the idea of neighbors helping neighbors by giving their time and loaning their tools to do home repairs for their neighbors in need. In 2008, ToolBank USA was launched to replicate the model and establish ToolBanks throughout the United States. The ToolBank’s signature lending model allows charities to focus on their mission by relying on ToolBanks to provide, store, and repair critically-needed tools and equipment. ToolBanks share their resources with charitable groups so they can equip volunteers to efficiently complete work in less time, with the right tools, at minimal costs. Using ToolBank tools, community-based organizations avoid the expense of purchasing, repairing, and storing tools. Each year, the ToolBank recognizes a ToolBank Affiliate who has been outstanding in furthering the mission and vision of the ToolBank.

Our Mission & Values


The mission of the ToolBank is to serve community-based organizations by providing the tools, equipment, and expertise needed to empower their most ambitious goals. Our vision is to equip all communities with tools for change.


We are a values-based organization that serves our affiliates, member agencies, volunteers, community partners, associates, and suppliers with open hearts and equity.


We believe in diverse and inclusive participation in our communities and we intentionally strive to create a welcoming environment for all people, regardless of race, sex, age, gender identity, sexual orientation or creed.


We are committed to the highest standards of personal and professional integrity. We support transparency in our financial and operating standards and commit to accountability.


We are committed to accessibility, professionalism, and open communication focused on those we serve. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of all member agencies, volunteers, donors, and visitors.


We manage ToolBank resources responsibly to maintain inventory value, promote long-term viability, and ensure responsible usage and care of the tools by the borrower.


We believe in our responsibility to foster and maintain strong relationships with our member agencies that promote responsible usage and care of ToolBank tools.  We acknowledge our duty to practice sound stewardship in all activities with our member agencies related to the promotion of safety and responsible usage and care of the tools.


We have a responsibility to collaborate with our partners to best support the interests of the communities in which we serve.

Our Leadership

Adam Probst

Adam Probst

Board President

Adam works for Risk Strategies and lives in Chicago.

What drew you to Windy City ToolBank?
My father was very handy, and I helped him repair and replace all sorts of things around our bed & breakfast in NC while I was growing up. He had a well-supplied workshop he would use to teach me how to handle the tool.
What excites you about WCTB?
Providing tools to other non-profits at pennies on the dollar allows them to keep more dollars in their own pockets, which helps everyone!
What is your favorite tool?
Screwdriver… it can be adapted to use in so many projects!
Heidi Thompson

Heidi Thompson

Board Vice President & Secretary

Heidi works for the Home Depot in the Merchandising Team and lives in Atlanta, GA.

Jessica Pohto

Jessica Pohto

Board Treasurer

Jess lives in Chicago with her partner and works for Addepar.

Patty Russart

Patty Russart

Board Director

Patty works for ToolBank USA as the CEO and lives in South Carolina.

What drew you to Windy City ToolBank? I am the CEO of ToolBank USA and I am excited to play a role in establishing the Windy City Toolbank.

What excites you about WCTB? ToolBank is a unique nonprofit that will serve the Chicago area very well.  And I can’t wait for more people and groups to learn about it, utilize the resources and they realize they can’t live without a ToolBank!

What is your favorite tool? Nifty Nabbers

Jonathan Hammons

Jonathan Hammons

Board Director

Jon lives in suburban Chicago with his partner and 3 children and works for UPS.

Our Partners

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