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How it Works

Who we Serve

The heart of the ToolBank is our tool lending program. Membership is free for qualifying partner organizations and they have year-round access to our inventory of tools and equipment for a nominal fee. ToolBank tools are only available to organizations whose work benefits our shared community.

Qualifying organizations include:

  • Nonprofit/Charitable/Tax-exempt organizations
  • Schools and PTAs/PTOs
  • Neighborhood associations
  • Faith-based groups
  • Civic organizations
  • Government agencies

A 501(c)3 tax-exempt determination letter is not a requirement for ToolBank membership, but some proof of charitable/nonprofit status is.

Tool Types

Broom: push
Broom: sweep
Bucket: plastic, 5 gal
Dust pan
Scrub brush: long handle
Trash bin: 33 to 55 gallon
Trash grabber
Vacuum: wet shop vac
Mop: handle
Adjustable wrench: large
Adjustable wrench: small
Air compressor: battery powered
Caulk gun: 10 oz
Chalk line and chalk
Circular saw: battery powered
Circular saw: corded
Clamp: bar, 18 in to 36 in
Demolition bar: 36 in
Drill: battery powered, premium
Drop cloth: canvas
Extension pole: 4 ft
Extension pole: telescoping to 8 ft
Floor scraper
Grinder: angle, battery powered
Grinder: angle, corded
Hack saw
Hammer drill: battery powered
Hammer drill: corded
Hammer: 2-4 lb demolition
Hammer: framing
Hammer: standard claw
Heat gun: electric
Hex key set: metric
Hex key set: SAE
Impact driver: battery powered
Jig saw: battery powered
Level: 2 ft
Level: 4 ft
Level: laser, light duty
Mallet: rubber
Miter saw: compound, chop (no stand)
Miter saw: compound, sliding (no stand)
Miter saw: stand
Oscillating multitool: corded
Paint can key
Paint cup: 1 pt
Scraper: paint, 5-in-1 tool
Paint tray
Pliers: channel lock
Pliers: needle nose
Pliers: regular
Pliers: vise grip
Putty knife: 1-2 in wide
Putty knife: 3-4 in wide
Reciprocating saw: battery powered
Reciprocating saw: corded
Roller cage: 4 in
Roller cage: 9 in
Rotary hammer: corded
Sander: palm, square pad, corded
Screwdriver: flat head
Screwdriver: phillips head
Sled: debris
Socket set
Square: speed
Staple gun: manual
Table saw: portable (without stand)
Tape measure: 25 ft
Tarp: painting
Tile cutter: manual
Tin snips
Utility knife
Wire cutters
Wonder bar: 12 in
Wonder bar: 21in
Wrecking bar: 24 in
Roller frame: single bar, mini
Socket set: premium
Extension cord:  50 ft, light-medium duty
Generator: 2000w inverter, 120v
Generator: 5000w, 120/240v
Power strip (6 outlets)
Ladder: multipurpose, 17 ft
Ladder: step,  4 ft (reach to 8 ft)
Ladder: step,  6 ft (reach to 10 ft)
Ladder: step,  8 ft (reach to 12 ft)
Ratchet strap: heavy duty
Roller Frames
Paint Trays
Drop Cloths
Extension Poles
Putty Knives
Ear mufflers
Gloves: polyurethane coated, non-returnable
Hard hat: construction
Safety cone, small
Safety glasses: standard
Safety vest
Work gloves: cloth (pair)
Easel: medium-duty, presentations
Fan: drum, heavy duty
Fan: portable air mover, medium duty
Ice chest:  30-69 qt
Ice chest:  70-149 qt
Photo backdrop stand
Projector screen
Table: folding, rectangular, 30 in x 6 ft, standard
Table: high top, round, folding, 30 in
Table: high top, round, removable top, 30 in
Tablecloth: 30 in, spandex
Tent: pop-up folding, 10’x10′, premium
Light: stage, LED, premium
Fan: mister, battery powered
Blower: handheld, battery powered
Bow saw
Bulb planter
Chainsaw: battery powered, heavy duty
Cultivator: long handle
Digging bar
Dirt tamper
Gas can: unleaded, 5 gal
Hand cultivator
Hand trowel: without cutting edge
Hand weeder
Hedge shears
Hedge trimmer: battery powered
Hoe: garden
Lawn mower: battery powered, premium, 1 battery
Pick axe: pick mattock (one side pick, one side adze)
Pitchfork: long handle
Post hole digger
Pruner: handheld
Pruning saw: D-handle
Pruning saw: folding
Rake: bow/iron/garden
Rake: leaf
Shovel: round head, long handle
Shovel: round head, short handle
Shovel: square head, long handle
Shovel: square head, short handle
String trimmer: battery powered, heavy duty
Wheelbarrow: 6 cubic ft, standard
Wheelbarrow: 8-10 cubic ft

The Ordering Process

Become a ToolBank Member Agency: First-time borrowers must complete our brief Membership Application before they can borrow tools. There is no membership fee. This process captures documentation of their not-for-profit status and creates a user account in our online tool ordering system.

Submit a Tool Order: Member Agency logs in to their ToolBank account and submits a tool order online. We ask that you place your order at least 48 hours in advance of your desired pickup time. Note that your appointment is not confirmed until a staff person contacts you directly.

Confirm Order: A ToolBank staff member will contact you to confirm your order, the pick-up and drop-off date/times, and answer any questions you may have. Payment is requested at this time.

Pick-Up Tools: Member Agency picks up their tool order at the ToolBank at their scheduled pickup time. ToolBank staff and volunteers have already prepared the order in advance and will help the agency load the tools and equipment into their vehicles. ToolBank staff provides the agency with usage and care guidelines and an itemized receipt.

Return Tools: After the completion of the project, the agency calls and schedules a return appointment. The agency returns borrowed tools at the scheduled return time. ToolBank staff and volunteers assist the agency in unloading tools and checking tools back into inventory.

*Please return the tools you’ve borrowed clean and in good repair. There will be a charge for broken, destroyed, or excessively dirty tools.

Note: To enjoy the privilege of the ToolBank, member agencies must be in good standing at all times. Good standing means: all costs are paid up-to-date; all appointment times are met within reason, and all tools are returned via appointment by their due date. Any violation of these policies puts a member agency at risk of suspension. Every communication between Windy City ToolBank and a member agency is tracked. In the case of suspension, member agencies will have a record of communications and reasons available upon request.

Summary of Fees

Rush Tool Orders:  If we can accommodate an order and it is placed in the following time frames, the fees are as follows:

  • Less than 2 business days: $25.00
  • Less than 1 business day: $50.00

Cleaning Fees: Member Agencies are assessed a cleaning fee if tools are returned excessively dirty or returned with dried paint, caulk, mud, cement or other substances. Agencies are given the opportunity to clean tools before fees are assessed.

  • Member agencies will be charged a $25 cleaning fee, per 1 hour of labor it takes ToolBank Staff to bring inventory back to clean status.
  • Table linens: The ToolBank charges an additional $ 5.00 cleaning fee per borrowed tablecloth. Members can avoid this charge by washing, drying, and folding their linens prior to return.

Tool Handling Fees: Member Agencies pay a Tool Handling Fee equal to 3% of the retail value of each tool borrowed per week. Tools may be borrowed from one to eight weeks.  Click the Tool Inventory button above for a current list of tools and the weekly handling fee charged for each tool.

Late Fees: An overdue order accrues a weekly late fee of 6% of the retail value for each overdue tool until the tools are returned, replaced, or its replacement cost is paid in full (see list of values by using the “Tool Inventory” button above).

Replacement Fees: Member Agencies are assessed a replacement cost in the event that a tool is declared lost.

  • If parts are missing that can easily be replaced, then you will only be charged replacement fees for those
  • If a tool is lost, you do have the option of providing a replacement rather than paying the replacement Replacement tools must be comparable to the tool lost (i.e. same voltage) and in good working condition. ToolBank staff reserves the right to decline a replacement tool that does not meet these conditions.

*Please Note: We do not charge replacement fees for tools broken during their intended use If a tool breaks, please be sure to return it with all parts to the ToolBank; otherwise, the tool will be declared lost and will result in a replacement fee.

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