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ToolBank Disaster Services

When a natural disaster strikes in the United States, our citizens mobilize to support those in need, sometimes traveling hundreds of miles to lend a hand. The profound need within an affected community is often answered by the goodwill of Americans wanting to do good work. ToolBank Disaster Services offers a critical resource to bridge the gap between the cresting waves of disaster and relief.

HOW we do what we do:

ToolBank Disaster Services provides the tools, literally, to get the job done. We deploy staff and various size trailers filled with tools to equip community-based organizations and their volunteers at no cost.

WHAT do we need to get it done:

Response and recovery tools


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During a disaster, we work closely with our partners to provide the necessary tool resources to help equip their volunteers with tools. Please drop us a quick note and we will contact you to learn more about how we might be able to support your initiatives. 






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